I can't imagine a life without Photos...after all our minds can only go back so far therefore the albums and portraits I have are priceless.  They re-tell my stories, have become focal points in my home decor,  and ultimately remind me of some of the best times of my life.   I believe that is why, after seeing my father photograph for over thirty years, I finally decided to let the world see themselves through my creative eye.  For the past four years I have worked to discover my brand by trying new techniques, styles and art forms where portraiture is concerned.  I couldn't decide if I preferred Natural light or the use of studio lighting, do I create indoor sets that require a studio or find trendy outdoor locales? Oh it has been a journey, and I continue to learn new things everyday, however One thing I realized is that in this day and age of digital concepts and shortcut filter modifications I wanted and NEEDED  to remain true to what I was taught and that is quality..good solid quality.  My goal is to capture a moment and then create a masterpiece for everyone that sits in front of my lens.  Clients come to me with a need and  together we collaborate with the end result being a piece of portrait art that will be cherished for years to come.  Clients come to me for a service and leave with a total experience describing their sessions as Fun, Empowering,  and,  for some, Life Changing.  This is what I have chosen to make Flores Studios about and I am Trisha Flores.