Flores Studios: Blog https://florestudios.com/blog en-us (C) Flores Studios (Flores Studios) Thu, 30 Apr 2020 00:11:00 GMT Thu, 30 Apr 2020 00:11:00 GMT https://florestudios.com/img/s/v-12/u46612140-o710858395-50.jpg Flores Studios: Blog https://florestudios.com/blog 120 108 Covid-19...The Ca"b"rona I despise https://florestudios.com/blog/2020/4/covid-19-the-ca-b-rona-i-despise IMG_3622IMG_3622 Well, here we are, almost into May of 2020 which should have been one of the busiest times of my photography calendar. Key words "should have".  Prom and Senior shoots would have been completed, Spring sports teams would have been edited and orders submitted, my annual "Mommy 'n Me" shoot would have been scheduled and the last of the year's Senior Class would have been finishing up cap and gown shoots and I would be waiting on anxious Mommas that just couldn't make up their mind which picture they should send to Grandma in Seattle and which picture they should put on the announcement.  It would have been a mad rush to the finish line and quite a few late nights of editing and putting the finishing touches on preview galleries and assembling orders.  My new Model Team would be getting into full swing and their grand introduction on selected social media would be close to being announced.  Ah yes, Spring in the Studio is always one of my favorite times of year!.....But, snap back to reality and we are a nation, no a World at war with a nasty virus that not only is frightening the masses but burying them as well.  We have found ourselves in the middle of an episode of an old "ABC Sunday Night Movie of the Week"  where the plot and circumstances were somewhat fictional but left just enough to say "but what if"? The Cabrona ( yes I know I put a B in there) has done a number on us for sure as every day I see more and more articles and videos (some that mysteriously get deleted) that create discussion, debate and sometimes feuds among the people.  The question of who is essential and how dare our government regulate our freedoms and rights! The shaming, oh goodness so much shaming! Don't wear a mask, wear a mask, ditch the gloves, follow the arrows, how dare you not follow the arrows, oh my God did you just cough? Yeah, I'm mentally exhausted. Wait, am I allowed to say that? I mean, as a photographer I have been deemed "nonessential" so do I have a right to express what I am feeling? Right, I am nonessential. I am not allowed to go out and journalize this time in our lives. But that is what I do every time I take a photograph, ..I bring to life the journal.  Not allowed to capture, share or document the raw truth of what I see?  What others are seeing.  Feeling.  Believing.  Denying.  Excusing....  Accepting.  You see I am an artist.  I create through my lens. It is my refuge and my strength at times. At other times it is my weakness ...Today it is the latter.  Today I want to create and capture.  Today I will do it for me, and when I do things for me I am "essentially" staying sane which in turn keeps everyone I live with "safe"  ;)  .  To the Senior Class of 2020 may you never let them make you feel "nonessential".  May you always feel the importance of your place in life.  Blaze a trail,  leave your mark in this world, and always know that you are the class that history will Never forget. 

Stay safe my friends.  



**Featured photo is Alamogordo Senior Standout Isaac Duarte....

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Senior Sunday https://florestudios.com/blog/2019/12/senior-sunday Welcome to a new and updated feature for the website...The dreaded BLOG! These will be a weekly feature I am focusing on Sundays to give a look into what is new and exciting for the week...Today (and as you can see it is already Monday...epic fail) we are showcasing some Pretty amazing Seniors I have had the pleasure to work with since this past May also known as my Senior Ambassador Group for 2020!  IMG_6168bwm_peIMG_6168bwm_pe IMG_4420 2IMG_4420 2

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Why Blog? https://florestudios.com/blog/2018/7/why-blog What exactly constitutes as a Blog? Like are these meant to be informative? Biased? Fun? Punchy? ....I can't decide but I know I love to write and share.  So, that is what my Blog posts will be about.  Not too "dear diary" but not a sales pitch either.  I want to just share some thoughts and insight on whatever I feel like and things that I think some of us may wonder about but just don't think anyone else may wonder about.  I subscribe to a few of these now that I think about it and it usually gives me a good giggle and even a "wow" moment here and there.  And that is where I came up with the Title "Five Minutes of Fancy"...Cause nobody likes Boring, right?  Next Blog will be geared toward something special to me, which is actually a pilot project I am working on with my daughter Adrienne called #barebeauty.  In this article  I want to put a few ideas into play regarding the bare essentials of one's beauty and reach at least one woman if not more and help them see their true inner beauty, ....stay tuned!


~ just me



Featured: My soul sister Miss Karee Copeland.....diva, daughter, and divine inspiration to all women


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